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14+ Years

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About Abu Sonbul

Trusted Transport Company

Abu Sonbul Company for Arab Carriers is a transport company specialized in land and sea transport. The company is located on a land area of ​​100,000 square meters and has trained staff at the highest level. It is licensed by the Ministry of Transport, Industry and Trade and the Land Transport Regulatory Authority.

Global Service

Abu Sonbul Company provides out transportation and services outside Jordan.

Local Service

Abu SonbulCompany provides transportation and services inside Jordan.

What We Do

Learn about our services.

Road Freight

Everything related to road transport services by trucks and tankers.


Ocean Freight

Everything related to maritime transport services by ships and marine tankers.


Goods Insurance

Extensive coverage to meet the risks you face from sea and land transport.


Loading & unloading goods

Container changes between multiple vessels throughout the transportation process.



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Why Choose Us

We Aim to Contribute Well to Your Company

Fast Transportion Service

We carry out shipping and transportation operations at a high speed to meet customers and increase productivity.

Safety and Reliability

Abu SonbulCompany maintains your shipment with us and delivers it quickly without any damage.

Customers First

Getting closer to our customers to develop flexible solutions that provide peace of mind for both parties.

Transparency in dealing

We believe that credibility and transparency are the secret of success and progress.


We work to meet and guarantee shipping within record time while maintaining the shipment.

Our Clients

An agreement was signed between Abu Sunbol Logistics Services and the largest oil company, ADNOC Drilling Company, in the Azraq region, to establish the camp, catering services, and the Landry division, in addition to the machinery and equipment division. In addition to Abu Sunbul for Arab Transporters, a transportation agreement was signed with ADNOC Drilling Company.